Dauphin Island Sea Lab Foundation Annual Overview


The Foundation office has been open 3 years in the Development Office at 4513 Old Shell Road. The Assistant Director, Angie Gaillard and Assistant to the Director, Daphne Marcum are still with the Foundation while Helene Hassell remains Executive Director of the DISLF.

Covid 19 has remained a challenge for the Foundation office and the office has changed its focus with how typical fund raising was done. The office held Cocktails with the Critters, MEAL and 50th Celebration in person and the auction remained as a Virtual Fundraiser. The office has continued sending letters and emails to our supporters. Even with all the changes it has been a successful year.  I want to thank the Board of Directors and Advisory Committee for all they have done to promote the DISLF.

Projects Funded at the Sea Lab through funds raised by DISLF 2020-2021:

Discovery Hall Programs K5-12

BayMobile Van - New wrap The Caring Foundation

Reality Sand Table – funded by Curtis and Edith Munson Foundation

High School Scholarships - funded by the Jenny Cook Memorial Fund and Austal

ROV competition -Partial funding from Thompson Engineering, the DISLF and Curtis and Edith Munson Foundation

Sea Stars - Funded by Rotary Club of Mobile and A Generous Anonymous Donor and Austal

Microscopes – Curtis and Edith Munson Foundation and Regions Bank

Gulf Island Journey Scholarship – Individuals

University Programs Undergraduate, Masters and PhD candidates

New Microscopes with cameras - granted by Regions Bank and Curtis and Edith Munson

Manatee Sighting Network - Individual Donations

UP Scholarships – CWC and DeGruy

Bays and Bayous – DeGruy

Capital Campaign – Building Spaces for a Brighter Future

Monte L. Moorer Foundation

John Adams Steely Foundation, Inc.

J.L. Bedsole

Crampton Trust

The Miller Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Ben May Charitable Trust

C.D. Helen and Jeff Glaze Foundation

Alabama Power

Individual Donors

Financial Information:

DISLF ended 2020-2021 with Total Checking of $719,517.00. The Community Foundation of South Alabama had the DISLF Fund at $2,456,320.00 and the George Crozier Fund at

$289,183.00, for total assets of $2,745,504.00

 TOTAL GIVING Cash + Outstanding Pledges + In-kind = $253,866.11


Fundraising goals were established at the beginning of the fiscal year. These goals were based on a three-year rolling average of the DISLF donors, gifts and dollars

Total active donors:    Goal: 546                    Actual: 657

New Donors:               Goal: 26                      Actual: 221

Total Gifts:                 Goal: 882                    Actual: 1167

Total Giving:             Goal: $228,977.86     Actual: $586,689.81


The Foundation has two funds at the CFSA; The George Crozier Endowment Fund which was established with a matching grant from the Kresge Foundation, which is governed by the restrictive rules, established by Kresge. The second fund is the DISLF Endowment Fund, which has been funded through the fundraising efforts of the Foundation and is a donor directed fund.

Grants 2020-2021:

Austal                                                              Crampton Trust

Caring Foundation                                          Alabama Power

Bedsole Foundation                                        Miller Family Foundation

Ben May Foundation                                      Hearin Chandler

Regions Bank Foundation                              Moorer Foundation

Rotary Club of Mobile                                   Curtis and Edith Munson Foundation

The Jenny Cook Scholarship Fund                 Thompson Holdings Foundation

Glaze Foundation

Special Events and Outreach:

The DISLF hosted four special events; Marine Environmental Awards Luncheon, Cocktails with the Critters Virtual Auction, Cocktails with the Critters Party and the 50th Anniversary Celebration at the Sea Lab

Marine Environmental Awards Luncheon (MEAL) 2021

The ninth annual Environmental Awards Luncheon was held on Wednesday, November 10, 2021 at the Battlehouse Hotel.  The event was a wonderful success.

211 Reservations with 25 Tables

Oakworth Capital Bank sponsored the Luncheon at the $5,000 Level

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Neil Hammerschlag, marine ecologist and director of the shark research & conservation program

Gulf Coast Marine Environmental Excellence Award-Recognizes an individual who has made outstanding contributions to marine environmental sustainability in the Alabama Gulf Coast Region. Winner: Walter Ernest

Gulf Coast Marine Environmental Leadership Award-Recognizes a business or organization whose efforts have resulted in the improvement of marine environmental sustainability in the Alabama Gulf Coast Region.

Winner: The Mobile County Commission


Friends of the Sea Lab

We had a large increase in new FOSL membership this year. FOSL had 111 renewals and 70 new memberships













Annual/Christmas Appeal:

The Annual appeal grossed $16,456.80 with expenses of $347.01 for a net profit of $16,118.79. 1,376 letters were mailed.








Gross Income








Net income













Cocktails with the Critters:

Because of the Success of last year and possibility of Covid restrictions we moved forward with the Virtual Auction again from April 28, 2021 – May 5, 2021. The date for the in-person event was May 6, 2021. On June 15th we decided to move forward with a Virtual Auction. We re-signed with Cause4Auction as our Auction hosting sight.

 Sponsors: 391 Corporate sponsor letters were mailed on Nov 9, 2020 and 403 on Feb 1, 2020. The number of corporate sponsors was 55.  The number of individual sponsors was 26. 

Ticket Sales: Actual ticket pre-sales was $7,700.

Donations: Totaled $2,400

In-kind sponsors:


Gwins Printing

PMT Publishing

Silent Auction: This year’s auction generated a gross revenue of $36,000 from 120 items with a FMV of $55,208.00

Angie uploaded pictures and descriptions of all of the Auction items to Cause4Auction. Cause4Auction was very user-friendly with excellent reporting

We had a total of 449 Bidders sign up for the Auction. The availability to sign up for the auction ran all the way through the very last minutes of the auction

A formula was used to determine starting bids (40% FMV) and bid increases were uniform based on the item’s value.  We had 3 trips not sell

We also had 3 Donate Now options available. One for the Foundation, DHP and University Programs. Foundation received $656.00, DHP received $550 and UP received $300.

This was a great addition that we could add through the auction site that we have not done at previous in-person auctions.


Actual 2021

Actual 2020

Actual 2019

Actual 2018

Total Income










Total Expenses


Net Income





Employee Campaign:

A new employee campaign was undertaken this year and was well received. The duration of the campaign was two pay periods. The kickoff was an ice cream social and the celebration on Sept 17, 2021 – Oct 13, 2021 at the conclusion we celebrated with Smokin’ Gringos Taco Truck. The campaign was well received by the employees with every department having 100% participation which was the ultimate goal. The total amount raised to help an Outdoor Pavillion, UP Scholarship, Jenny Cook and Area of Greatest Need. The total amount raised was $4,800. The Employee Campaign will remain an annual event.


Bob Collins, Chair

Ben King, Vice Chair

Fred Hardman,


Margaret VanLoock, Secretary



Bart Briggs

Scott Browning

Cele Cameron

Susan Carley

Karen Chambless

John Goodloe

Robert Greer

Bill Haffner

Brooks Hieronymus

Jay Ison

Charlie Jackson

Ernest Ladd

Haley Landers

Mark Langan

Beth Marietta Lyons

Eliska Morgan

Dr. Raoul Richardson

Jeffrey St. John

Jeff Schock

Cooper Trent

Jay Weber

Wes Williams

Garrett Williamson


Honorary Trustees

Dr.George Crozier

Dr. E.O. Wilson


DISL Representatives

Dr. John Valentine

Dr. John Dindo

David England


Respectively Submitted,

Helene Hassell Executive Director

Advisory Committee

Lisa Goodloe,Chair

Walsh Arendall

Melissa Baker

Kinley Bell

Goldie Burkholder

Dr. Joe Busta

Allan Crow

George Davis

Angela Dunn

Tom Gaillard

Charlie Gray

Dr. Robert Harlin

Jimmy Hartman

Scott Heggeman

Luella Hunt

Russell Ladd

Austill Lott

Tomi Sue Mayer

Jimbo Meador

Jocko Potts

Julie Sirmon

Chuck Stapleton

Marty Stapleton

Bryan Thames

Amy Thompson

Alan Tolson


Tours have been given for:

October 2020

Jay Weber

Cooper Trent

Beth-Marietta Lyons

November 2020

Charlie Gray

Allan Crow

Robert Greer


Debbie and Gary Freedman

Wiley Blankenship

Andrew Levert


Bob Collins

David Thorpe

Holman Head

Jim Park

Rob Couch

Mobile Chamber Tour


Tequila Smith

Beth Thomas

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